CFG Health Systems, LLC (CFG) provides the full range of medical, dental and behavioral health care services to correctional facilities.

  • Approach
    CFG Health Systems, LLC (CFG) is a nationally-recognized, comprehensive organization known for providing the most advanced, cost-effective healthcare services available in today's market.
  • History
    Incorporated in 1999 as part of CFG’s Health Network System, CFG Health Systems is a physician-owned and operated organization that specializes in providing comprehensive medical and behavioral health services to correctional facilities and hospitals.
  • Staff
    CFG Health Systems, LLC (CFG) has a solid infrastructure and business support management team that has years of experience in healthcare.


Mission Statement

CFG Health Systems, LLC provides quality health services in correctional facilities which are consistent with community standards of care and best practices to ensure the physical and psychological well being of the inmate and which are delivered in a fiscally responsible manner.