How did CFG Health Systems, LLC (CFG) become known for providing the most advanced, cost-effective correctional healthcare services available in today's market?

Serving Correctional Facilities’ Medical Needs since 1999

Incorporated in 1999 as part of CFG’s Health Network, CFG Health Systems is a physician-owned and operated organization that specializes in providing comprehensive medical and behavioral health services to correctional facilities and hospitals.

Strong Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Today, CFG Health Systems, LLC maintains a staff of over 1000 professionals and is responsible for healthcare management at scores of facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. All members of the upper management team have been dedicated to providing mental health services for at least 20 years.

Client List of our current correctional facility and juvenile detention center clients

Those wishing to communicate with clients can find contact information by clicking on individual Client Locations among those listed below.