CFG Health Systems, LLC (CFG) is a physician owned company that provides comprehensive and cost-effective behavioral health and medical services to incarcerated individuals.

Our continued investment in our processes and performance standards has allowed us to emerge as a leading correctional services provider. With an intense focus on excellent clinical care and client service, we aim to provide personalized service to each of our correctional partners.


CFG is responsible for managing healthcare facilities throughout the country. Our emergence as an industry leader can be attributed to:

  • An intense focus on excellent clinical care and client services
  • An ability to quickly integrate new contract into a single coordinated management infrastructure
  • An advanced treatment model
  • A belief that every individual must be treated with dignity and respect
  • Our ability to provide healthcare services to organizations of all types and sizes


Here are just a few of the innovative services that we provide to our correctional partners:

  • Medical/Health Care Management Services
  • Mental Health Care Services
  • Fiscal Management Services
  • Telemedicine
  • Telepsychiatry
  • Dental Services
  • Onsite Infirmary Services
  • Specialty Care
  • Chronic Disease Management and Special Needs
  • HIV/AIDS Services
  • Hospitalization and Off-Site Specialists
  • Emergency Care
  • Ancillary Services
  • Infection Control Programs
  • Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Utilization Review
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Standards and Accreditation
  • Healthcare Staffing
  • Training Services
  • Pharmacy Service

For additional information please download our CFG Health Systems, LLC Brochure